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Bran Muffins
2 C. All Bran Cereal                        
1 Qt. Buttermilk
2 C. Boiling Water                          
3 C. Sugar
1 C. Shortening                               
4 C. All Bran Cereal
5 C. Flour                                           
4 Eggs
5 t. Baking Soda                                
1 1/4 t. Salt
Mix together 2 cups All Bran and 2 cups boiling water, let stand until cool
Mix remaining ingredients and cooled bran & water together
Pour batter into lined muffin tins & bake in 375-400 degree over for 25 minutes.
Keeps well in Tupperware containers or even coffee cans.

Time saving tips:
Using a mixer saves time
Muffin mix can be stored in refrigerator for 7 weeks.  Just stir & put in muffin tins the amount you want to serve each time.
 5 C. Flour
 5 t.   Baking Soda
 1 T.  Salt
 2 C. Brown Sugar
 3 C. All Bran Cereal
 2 C. Raisins
 3      Eggs
 1 C. Oil
 1/4 C. Molasses
 1 Qt. Buttermilk
 1 1/2 C. Water
 Mix all the dry ingredients together.  Bet the eggs, oil and molasses together.  Add
 the buttermilk and the water.  Add the dry ingredients to the wet mixture, mixing until
 just combined.  Use big strokes and don't over mix or muffins will be tough and won't
 rise properly.  Bake at 400 deg. for 15 minutes.
 You can keep this mixture in the fridge and take out what you need to bake fresh every day.
Recipes submitted by Betty W.
Recipes featured in Bread Daily on 9/11/01.

-Thanks so much Betty.  :)