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Bread Beads
one loaf of white bread (with crusts removed)
white craft glue
acrylic paint
podgy or acrylic sealer
plastic lacing or yarn
paint brushes

Tear the slices of bread into really small bits and placing them into the bowl. After all the bread slices have been shredded, pour the white glue into the bowl with the bread and form a dough -- mixing with your hands. Add the glue a bit at a time so as not to add too much glue to the dough. Once the dough is mixed, divide it among the participants and have them form small balls for beads or any other desired shape. If you are making beads, use the straws to poke a hole into the balls for string to be put through. Let the modeled dough sit to dry for about 1-2 days. When the beads seem hard, use acrylic paint to color. When the paint is dry, glaze with either craft Podge or a spray acrylic sealer. String with plastic lacing or yarn.