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Salt Bread Sculptures
1 Part Flour
1 Part Salt
1 Part Water  

Mix flour and salt first, then start adding water, stirring constantly. Stir until the substance is no longer sticky, if necessary add some flour. You should get smooth, strong paste that doesn't stick to the fingers. You may also add glycerine or wallpaper paste.  This will make your material smoother and more elastic.  If you choose to add one of these substances, subtract the amount of water accordingly.

To color your sculptures you can either add paste coloring to your material before sculpting, or you may paint your figures when they are thoroughly dried.  (A varnish will help prptect your scuplture from moisture when it is finished.

To dry your sculptures you should bake them in a warm oven, about 100-120 degrees F, leaving the door slightly open for the moisture to escape.