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English Muffins
1 1/2 c hot milk
3 tbs Butter
1 quart flour
1 tsp Salt
1 oz compressed yeast
1/4 c warm water

Add butter and salt to milk; when lukewarm add yeast dissolved in warm water. Stir in the flour, beat well, let rise in a warm place several hours or until light and spongy. Grease inside of 12 large muffin rings* and place on well-floured board. Fill each ring 1/2 full of the batter, let stand until it just begins to rise. Heat griddle, grease if necessary. Place muffins with rings on griddle, using pancake turner. Let bake slowly about 15 minutes or until slightly brown; turn on other side with pancake turner, let bake slowly until done. When cool, and ready to serve, split brush cut side well with melted butter, and then toast until golden brown. Serve hot with Orange Marmalade.